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Dalton Fogarty has over 15 years of teaching and coaching across academic subjects and personal development. His experiencing covers tuition of elite athletes include Olympic Skiers, Fencers and and Rowers as well as Australian Rugby Players.  Dalton attributes his study of psychology as the reason why he is able to untangle complex concepts and help his students and clients understand whatever faces them. 


Dalton has had a career in Trading at Deutsche Bank in both Hong Kong and Singapore, as well as Head of Strategy for a start-up, Prezzee where he helped drive to over $2bn in sales in just three years. 

He is a qualified lawyer, a CFA Charter Holder, and is currently pursuing his Harvard MBA after being awarded the first Ramsay Postgraduate Scholarship to the Harvard Business School (awarded on the basis of academic merit and leadership). He was recognised as one of Australia's six Young Executives of the Year by the Australian Financial Review in 2022. 

Dalton is keen to share his experience of the unique application process for Business School and for how best to position ones' self for Scholarship applications.  Ready to make your MBA dream a reality? Leverage Dalton's wealth of experience and expertise by reaching out for a free consultation today.

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